Project management should be easy.

Set up and track projects and processes in minutes.

While other project applications make the management software a project in itself, lets you focus on what really matters. Everything you need to plan, collaborate, and track to get your job done is given to you in an elegant and easy to use web-based management tool.

What does bring to the table?

  • Easy Project Creation guides you through the steps of planning a project, so you waste no time and get started within minutes.

  • Instant Collaboration

    Collaborate with your team on projects with real-time discussions, updates and checks, so everyone at every level of the process is kept in the loop at all times.

  • Executive Overview

    The dashboard offers a birds-eye view of all your projects, their current status and upcoming tasks.

  • Abstracting similarities

    Through the use of processes, you can define a process, like "Design website for client", only once and use it every time you start a new project of this type.

  • Process refinement

    Changing plans is part of project management. provides intuitive, in-browser tools to shuffle and redefine your project tasks and milestones.

  • Peace of mind

    Keep on track, in the loop and ahead of the curve. makes measuring progress and achievement a breeze.

How would you rather manage your projects? is project management simplified, beautified and redefined

The usual way
The way

Project management software shouldn't take years to master. is the simplified approach to project management you've been waiting for

Simplify project tracking

Run projects as simple hierarchical checklists that anyone on your team can use and understand, and start working in minutes.

Up and running in minutes takes you straight to the point and gets your project up and running within, quite literally, a few minutes.

See the big picture, instantly

Monitor and manage all your projects from a powerful but simple Project Dashboard. Get instant updates and stay on-top of all project changes.

Don't repeat yourself

If you follow the same steps for projects you should not have to re-think and re-build the project every time. makes it easy to re-use existing project definitions by saving them as processes.

Collaborate and share progress

Work with your team, discuss problems, check off tasks and milestones, and simultaneously allow your boss or client to be kept in the loop.

Work from anywhere

Whether you stay in office all day, work from the field, or have colleagues on the other side of the world, allows web access from any location.

Analyse and optimize provides advanced analysis and reporting functionality of the metrics you need to run your projects smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Set reminders and due dates

When your tasks and milestones are business-critical, you can't afford to miss a deadline. can remind you of upcoming events and deadlines, so you are never caught by surprise.

Who is for?

If you read this far, probably you.

Small teams and companies

If you are a small team that needs to collaborate on projects and require a simple system to keep each other informed on progress, this is for you. Discuss issues, assign tasks and meet deadlines, without the clutter and messiness of doing it purely over email.

Big teams and companies

Cut down on the unnecessary complexity of mega-featured, super-expensive project management software, and stop requiring staff training just for everyone to use it. Manage projects and deadlines in a simple, intuitive way, and let us worry about the complexities of delivering advanced reporting and analysis.

Individuals, families, friends

Babysitting, vacations, party planning... Anyone who wants to add some form of tracking on to anything they do can easily set up projects and work together on them. Tasks you need to do don't get lost in email and you don't need to remember all the steps involved every time you start a new project.

It's for you: You can benefit from using, be it at work or at home. Putting all the stuff you need to remember to do in repeatable, easy-to-use checklist-based projects that you can kick off with one click will make your life more organized, and with minimal hassle.

... and it won't cost you an arm and a leg

The long and short: is completely free to try and use, and upgrading allows you to squeeze even more juice at one time, and understand your projects even better.



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Ready, set, go!

All you need to set up and run a project is free and will always be free. If your projects require more business-critical functionality, you can upgrade at a later stage - but, for now, feel free to test out and see if it fits your needs.

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